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The complete sets of equipment for sorting obsolete garbage mainly include the following

Article published:2024-03-27

The complete sets of equipment for sorting obsolete garbage mainly include the following

With the advancement of garbage classification work, the continuous decline in domestic waste fuel supply capacity has become an unstoppable trend. Judging from last year’s projects, several large domestic waste incineration companies have shifted their targets to stale garbage and general urban industrial solid waste. Among them, stale garbage has concentrated sources and relatively low processing costs, and has gradually become the main channel for alternative fuel sources. So, what complete sets of sorting and screening equipment are needed after stale waste is excavated? Let’s talk about this today.

Stale garbage is different from domestic garbage. After long-term landfill fermentation, decay, and complex chemical decomposition processes, odors, germs, sewage, etc. have brought a lot of trouble to the post-processing process. Although the current processing methods are generally relatively simple, there are some details that should be understood.

The complete sets of equipment for sorting obsolete garbage mainly include the following

According to today's common processing methods of stale garbage, the processing equipment mainly includes: grab machine, metal chain plate conveyor, homogenizer, manual sorting facilities, iron remover, and drum screen. Depending on the landfill time, decay conditions, and treatment purposes, air separators and drying facilities, or water flotation and drying facilities can also be used. Needless to say, conventional equipment such as grippers, conveyors, and manual sorting facilities are simple and practical. Let’s focus on the must-select equipment of the trommel screen.

Trommel screens are commonly used for sorting stale garbage, which is inseparable from the characteristics of stale garbage. Stale garbage contains a lot of water and sediment. It is easy to block the screen with a vibrating screen, and it is easy to wrap the disc with a disc screen. However, the drum screen shows unique advantages. The drum screen also faces problems such as high moisture content, clogging of slag, and material hanging on the wall when screening old garbage. However, after adding a cleaning device, the problem has been better solved.

Kowloon's environmentally friendly trommel screen not only has a cleaning device to solve the problem of sediment clogging and material hanging on the wall, the split-structure screen is also easy to replace, and the manganese steel material greatly extends the service life of the equipment. The GI intelligent system configured with the Kowloon production line can not only realize linkage control, but also promptly detect abnormal equipment operation and propose fault points and causes, reducing energy consumption and manual participation, and ensuring the stability and safety of production operations. If you have any intention to purchase a complete set of waste sorting equipment, please feel free to contact us.